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For Rebecca’s story, please read it below, or go to Rebecca Kiessling’s writings page for her adoption poetry, letter from her birthmother, and her essay, “The Centrality of Adoption for Christians.”

*Pro-Life Speaker and Adoption Speaker since 1995 — Right to Life and crisis pregnancy center, fundraisers, rallies, churches, high schools, universities, women’s conferences, attorney conferences, adoption events, etc., throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Scotland,

*Author of the Heritage House ’76 pamphlet “Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope” sdfssfsdf(Rebecca Kiessling’s personal story of having been conceived in rape and nearly aborted at two back-alley abortionists.)

*Honored by Feminists for Life as one of their internationally-named “Remarkable Pro-Life Women” and their”poster child” for the rape-exception poster “Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?” Get copies to promote your event with Rebecca Kiessling by going to

*Appeared on CBN’s “The 700 Club” (click here to view), Good Morning America, CNN’s Talk Back Live, CBS News, Canada’s 100 Huntley Street, EWTN’s Life on the Rock, Catholic TV’s “This is the Day” (click here to view episode) and Facing Life Head-On (click here to view episode) as a pro-life attorney and as a child conceived in rape

*Story featured in Glamour Magazine — My Father is a Rapist, Marie Claire Magazine — I Was Born of My Mother’s Rape, and with her birthmother on the syndicated program Extra — Rebecca’s Story

*Wrote a 43-page essay, “The Right of the Unborn Child Not to be Unjustly Killed — a philosophy of rights approach” (See Philosophical Abortion Essay page)

*Adopted two children (with same birth mother) in open adoptions, was adopting two others (Cassie, who was born with special needs who died at 33 days old, and a foster child who was ultimately adopted by another family in a better placement for her needs), and gave birth to three biological children (second-generation abortion survivors.) Recently lost two precious babies in the first trimester.

*Family law attorney with four pro bono cases of international attention all involving the protection of preborn human life, including the “frozen embryo” case in Michigan. Two of those cases involved rape and abortion. Also, represented a woman sued for not aborting. (practiced law as “Rebecca Wasser” before she married)

*Served as vice-chair of a crisis pregnancy center for two years and on the advisory board of Michigan Nurses for Life

*Currently serves on the Advisory Board of Crossroads Pregnancy Center

*Conducts workshops, “An Abortion-Minded Client’s Life-Giving Legal Options” based on Michigan law.

*Testified before the Ohio Legislature on the Prefer Childbirth Over Abortion legislation which would, in part, remove the rape exception from the ban on
Medicaid funding of abortions in Ohio

* Married for 12 years, home school mother of 5 — the oldest is 10.

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