Other Conceived in Rape Stories




This page is a compilation of life-affirming personal stories of men and women who were conceived in rape and/or incest.  For more conceived in rape stories of pro-life speakers, please visit: www.savethe1.com

Rebecca Kiessling from Michigan, Allison Hillaker from Michigan, Russell Saltzman from Missouri,Irene van der Wende from the Netherlands, Sharon Isley from Iowa, Carole Roy from Ontario, Canada, Bethaney Tessitore from Alabama, Jenni Maas with Human Life International, Tony Kiessling from Pennsylvania, Mary Payne from Oklahoma, Tim, Ed Mohs from Washington, Brian T.from Minnesota, Patti Smith from California, Jaquese Gaskins from Michigan (attending college in California), Godchaser from Alabama, Ildiko Curtis from Texas (born in Hungary), Laura Tedders from Michigan.



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Allison Hillaker


Helen Westover


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