Mary Eischen

27182ffc04f54d319acc30ec184c22f9My mom was 15 when she gave birth to me in 1952. Her step father had raped her numerous times. Her grandmother (my great grandmother) wanted her to abort me, but my mom wouldn’t do it. Her mom then said she could have me if she could place me for adoption. Again, my mom stood firm and said “No!” She gave birth to three more kids by her step-father before finally getting the nerve to leave Missouri and come to California, where I was raised mostly by my grandmother. My mom had a total of 11 children — I was the eldest.

Then when I was 13, I fell for a 15 year old boy. I was forced into sex by my boyfriend at 14 and had my first son at 14. I never thought about aborting him. I married him (BIG mistake) and I had five children by him before having my tubes tied. He abused me, he even molested my sisters, cheated on me from day one and tried to kill me when I filed for a divorce.

I did consider having an abortion when I was pregnant with one of his children, but I could not do it; I knew it was a baby inside me, but I hated my husband so much I didn’t want anymore kids by him….so I divorced him instead.

But God had plans for my life. I am here today because Jesus had a plan for me — an “unplanned child.” I praise God, though my life has not been the best. I have had to fight my whole life against the odds. I won’t go into detail, but I will tell you God saved me many times even from myself!

I am very PRO-LIFE!!!!! Thank you for your interest in my story!!