Lori Vance, Rape Survivor Mother Raising Her Child

My name is Lori Vance and I was a part of the team working to ban partial birth abortions with my dear friend, Senator Rick Santorum. I also married my rapist……more on that later….I had four daughters and one of them was born with several fatal brain abnormalities and the so called experts deemed her “completely incompatible with life”. She had hydrocephalus, holoprosencephaly, polymicrogyria, Arnold-Chiari syndrome, and an occipital meningeal encephalocele (which means part of her brain was actually outside of the skull), as well as agenesis of the corpus callosum. it was devastating news, but God had a plan for her life….and for mine.

She would live and thrive and even though they said she may even be born without a face, her face was angelic indeed and she became known as the poster child to end all partial abortions and stood proudly nearby at the white House when president Bush signed her bill into law! As the nation and the world came to know us, they saw a picture perfect family supporting a very special child with big blue eyes and long brown hair and a beautiful smile which the nation had grown to love…but there was more, the story behind the story was that our life was a living Hell on Earth as I was living in virtual captivity. The man I was married to was not who he had pretended to be and sadly, I found this out before we were married the night he came to my parents home three months before the wedding and forced me to have sex with him against my will. He told me we would have to marry now and out of fear and shame, I agreed.

Our life together only got worse after that night with daily rapes and with beatings which only worsened after the children came who were all girls and who later, became his victims as well. After 20 years, after years of believing that because he was in law enforcement and that I was too well known to hide anywhere, I found a safe place to go and people in the pro-life community who would help me get there. In the end, after years of struggling with nightmares and PTSD and custody issues and fear of the unknown, we are all safe and happy and moving on with our lives. We are also helping others do the same by speaking out and teaching women the signs of an abusive man which were all there for me, but I did not know them. I am living a real happily ever after with my new wonderful husband, Mark, who has gone with me to speak and to minister to those caught in the web of sexual and domestic violence…Mark was my very first love and high school sweetheart and he is my hero!

If you’d like to hear the rest of our story, please contact Ambassador Speakers! Thanks, and God Bless!