Lizzy Brew, Rape Survivor Birthmother

12155724084_FmRSdLizzy Brew’s Story  — Lizzy became pregnant out of rape and had her child removed from her and placed for adoption without her consent.  Her website is  She is from Australia and is available for speaking —

As a fifteen-year-old virgin in 1975, my life changed forever when I was raped after entering the vehicle of a man from whom I had innocently accepted a lift home.  After he was finished with me, I started on my journey in the darkness of that three-kilometer walk – alone with my trauma.  I had trusted him and he had shattered that trust, much as I had trusted those who assured me that adoption would be an option for the son I had thereby conceived.

The removal of my son was a foregone conclusion as I was funneled into Saint Anthony’s Home for Unmarried Mothers –

a place from where the healthy unborn children of unmarried mothers were systematically marked for removal at birth on behalf of childless married couples.  All within the space of nine months, I had lost my sense of innocence as well as the son who had helped to restore it.

The trauma and aftermath of the rape of my virginity paled into insignificance beside the trauma and aftermath of the rape of my womb.  My memories of his day of birth do not include giving him birth but having him removed from my body for the benefit of strangers.

My Social record notes my response to the question, “Relationship with the natural father?” as “holiday romance”.  Though those words were the only ones directly quoted as mine, they were among those suggested to me by the Social worker herself as I struggled for words to answer that question.  It was no doubt expedient for her to concur with my affirmative nod, as she maintained that my child needed a father and, as we both knew, my son’s was not going to qualify.

Subsequently, in encountering those ‘moderate’ words: “I am opposed to abortion except in cases of rape,” a stark contradiction lived side-by-side with the healing I had received through my baby son conceived in rape.  The six hourly periods I was permitted to hold him in fact gave purpose to the pain of the violation that had brought him into existence.

In a day and age when abortion is so readily available, it must be no small recompense for a child conceived through rape, to know the purity of a love that far exceeds the conditional whim of an imaginary choice.  A heart open to the possibility of the given child is the exposition of human value and a bastion against ubiquitous, pro-choice rape propaganda.

Lizzy Brew