Laura Tedder

Laura Tedder’s Story — Laura was conceived in rape and survived her 12661780211216815birthmother’s numerous attempts to abort her.  Laura is from Warren, MI, and is  available for speaking —  

“Every child a wanted child,” so the Planned Parenthood slogan goes.   My name is Laura Tedder and I know something about that.  After all, I was conceived when my birthmother was raped at a bar.  Abortion was illegal in Michigan in 1948, though that didn’t stop her from trying to abort me throughout pregnancy “every way possible.”  I survived those multiple abortion attempts, and as a result, was born with cancer.  She then   abandoned me at my uncle and aunt’s home when I was only two days old.  They subsequently adopted me.

To say my life has been difficult is an understatement.   The complications from the cancer, i.e., the attempted abortions, have led to dozens and dozens of surgeries since.  Despite all the hardships I have endured, I am a living argument against Planned Parenthood’s slogan.  I’m a walking miracle.  I’m lucky to be alive.  I had a will to live and struggled my way into this world. God put me here for a reason and I love life!

My aunt and uncle welcomed me into their loving home two days after my birth.  While my birth mother was not able to raise me and the two of us do not share a close relationship, I was indeed wanted and loved by my aunt and uncle, who are, and always have been, my mom and dad.

While being adopted can have some negative consequences for a child, I have  been forced to deal with a lot more.  I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a  cancer of the eye when I was two years old.  Doctors had to remove my right eye before the cancer spread. I have had many surgeries since to correct the trauma left from the cancer. The treatment included radiation, which in turn caused a  brain tumor and several more surgeries years later.  At one point in 1998, I was given only two weeks to live because of the brain tumor.  Despite my frequent visits to the operating room, my life can be described as a continuing trip through life, and hilariously funny at times.  Some pro-choicers would say, “Well, you see, it probably would have been best that she would have been aborted.”  But wait a second — this is my life that you are talking about!  It’s pretty rugged to say something like that to someone.  It’s unfeeling and unfair.  I can’t see how they could say they “care” about women!

I was dealt a hand of bad cards, but I kept persevering.  I currently live in Warren, Michigan with my husband John of nearly 45 years, and we’ve been blessed with one son and three wonderful grandchildren.  My birth mother is still alive, and although we have not made peace with each other (despite my efforts), she has made peace with herself.  I don’t have any hatred for her — I’m too old for that.   When you get older, you just see everything differently.  I have forgiven her and harbor no resentment.

After another brain surgery in 2006, I decided to write an autobiography dealing with my struggles in life and am currently working to have it published.  I don’t  know why I have had so many challenges, but I hope my life story will inspire  others to believe they can overcome their own struggles through faith in God and  believing that you are here for a purpose and in due time, you’ll see His light and  know what you are here for.  I wrote it for someone going through the same problems, to show him or her there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I know that part of my purpose is to be an inspiration to others.

Any people in similar circumstances with a parent should let go of their resentment sooner so they can reconcile before it is too late.  I hope that any  woman facing a crisis pregnancy like my mother would follow the advice of the  slogan, and understand that every child is a wanted child!

Now matter how you get pregnant, it’s a miracle baby.  No matter what the  circumstances, it’s not the baby’s fault.  They were meant to live.  Everyone  needs a chance for life — you don’t get many shots at it.  A “walking miracle”  certainly knows something about that.

~Laura Tedder, Warren, Michigan