Jaquese Gaskins

12661658981244218Jaquese Gaskins, conceived in rape, from Detroit, Mi (attending college in Redding, California)

Throughout the years I knew that I was different. I only had one friend who is still my only best friend. I was just the quiet smart girl in school. I feel in this past year I have overcome most of the generational curses that lie deep within my family history and I
felt that it was time to break them. I wrote a book that I feel allowed me to have a closer relationship with God. I also believe that the book can help someone break some of the generational curses that they are struggling with.

My major is Biology and my minor is Bible and Theology. I plan on going to medical school and becoming an OB/GYN. I do believe that my background has influenced my career path. I feel that it is my duty to bring life into this world.

~ Jaquese Gaskins