"Except in Cases of Rape? 12 Stories of Survival"


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 "Except in cases of rape?"  These 12 survivors put faces, voices and stories to this issue and challenge the rape exception in a way only a survivor can.     


65 minutes of video -- Includes an 11 minute Conceived in Rape group video, an 8 minute Pregnant by Rape group video,  and 45 minutes of individual testimonies. 




Pregnant by Rape:  
Liz Carl - Kentucky   Shauna Prewitt - Illinois  
Ashley Boyer - Michigan
 Conceived in Rape:  

Rebecca Kiessling - Michigan        Laura Tedder - Michigan           Tony Kiessling- Pennsylvania        James Sable - Illinois 

  Carole Roy - Ontario              Mark Taylor - Texas 
Kristi Hofferber - Illinois          Shawn Spry - Michigan