Grace Hope’s Story

Grace Hope’s Story — a rape victim who declined the Morning After Pill

In September 2009 I was raped. It wasn’t at all how I expected to spend that weekend — first in urgent care, and then at the hospital to have the rape kit performed. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! — that I was lying on the hospital bed in the SART room as the SART nurse performed the rape kit on me. How did I get here? I was terrified and an emotional wreck. I couldn’t help but sob! I felt so alone!

I’ve been Pro-Life all my life,but as the rape kit was performed on me the only thing that went through my mind was that I finally understood why some rape victims would decide to have an abortion! And that thought saddened me . . .because there was no way I would want to be pregnant with the child of my rapist. Just the SART nurse asking me the question, “Do you think you could be pregnant?” made me want to scream!! I hated my rapist and wished he could experience the same pain I was going through, because the rape kit is very painful.

But I realized how wrong I was to even think about abortion when every life is a gift . . . no matter how that life comes packaged to us! I was embarrassed for thinking about destroying an innocent life just because my pain was too difficult for me to endure. How selfish of me to think my needs were more important than the “Life” of another human being! I immediately repented to God and asked His forgiveness for even thinking of murdering another by thinking of aborting my unborn baby. And no unborn child deserves capital punishment for the sins of his/her father.

So I knew as I sobbed and as they took the most graphic pictures of my injuries that I could never take a life that wasn’t mine to take! Only GOD is the Author and Creator of Life, and Life should be revered as a gift from conception until natural death. So when I was presented with the Morning After Pill I told the SART nurse, “No,” that I wouldn’t take it “because I’m pro-Life!”

I knew the purpose of the pill is to “terminate a pregnancy” to ultimately “destroy” the “life of another human being.” There are three ways the Morning After Pill operates: 1) If you have not yet ovulated, it prevents ovulation. 2) If you have ovulated, but have not yet conceived, it prevents conception. 3) If you have conceived a child, it prevents the unborn child from implanting in the uterine wall (referred to as “blastocyst” by the time the unborn child would be ready to implant), by creating a hostile environment, thereby killing that unborn child because you’ve cut off his or her ability to receive the nutrients he or she needs to continue developing. The SART team will tell you that the pill won’t “terminate a pregnancy.” But the SART team would be deceiving you because the “Morning After Pill” does “terminate a pregnancy.”

Fortunately, I wasn’t pregnant, but if I had been, I know I can say without any reservations that I would have chosen “LIFE” for my baby! Because that child would have been my baby ~ my gift from GOD!

Since my rape, I have forgiven my rapist and have recently started a Facebook page: to help other’s heal.

Yours for Life,
“Grace Hope”