Godchaser’s Story

Godchaser” — born out of rape, a teenaged young man from Mobile, Alabama

What can I say — my life is like a movie and it’s definitely a “sequel drama.” I have been abandoned by every father I have ever had. So I get the privilege of calling God my true father. I was born out of rape, and I have fought in spiritual warfare since I was seven. I am the lead Guitarist in a band called 4NAILS. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to write novels that He has inspired. I live fully focused on Him, praying for my family.

All my life I’ve been proof that God does indeed exist. If it wasn’t for my mother and Christ, I would be dead by now. I was what most of the world would see as a mistake, a child born out of rape with no father. In a nutshell, almost everyone I ever trusted has lied to me.

I always wanted a father as a little boy. At 2-1/2, I was praying for a dad. I never got one who would always be there for me. My mom knew of my prayers and when she was asked to marry, she accepted not for love, but for me. 5 years later, the man had me bad mouthing my mom behind her back, causing me to stay 4 years younger than my actual age. My mom found some child porn one day in one of his suitcases and we figured out later that he molested my step-brothers and possibly was out for me.

I have never “fit in,” but I have always had friends. The Lord is still testing me and I am struggling, but He has given me one of the most precious gifts — he filled my heart with all the fatherly love I have ever missed and it all happened at once. Maybe if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be alive now or later on, but I would have eventually died had it not been for that moment.

No one could ever tell me God doesn’t exist. My mom recently had to have her spleen removed and my “Paw Paw” has had a couple of strokes. I am currently living with my grandparents praying for patience and clarity. I have come very far in the past few years, but ultimately, it’s not quite there yet, but it will be. It seems that I have finally hit an upward slope. Downhill is not my option. I am currently writing three novels — two of those are the launch of a trilogy.

These past few years have rewarded me by allowing me to work with Mobile Masters Commission at House of Horrors. It is a Christian horror house that ends up drawing people into Christ. For those who don’t know Masters, it is a group you can join some time after high school that takes you all over the world ministering. During this time, you are also taken through a radical life-changing experience that not only shows you, but thousands of school kids and foreigners, that God is all powerful and we truly can do anything through Him. I myself am planning on taking this commitment after high school.

My goals in life are to become a writer of novels that will save millions, to follow Christ’s role and become like Him as far as sin goes, to master the guitar, to do good in school, to be the best I can be, to find peace, to get a house of my own, and to help anyone I meet who needs it.

I don’t support abortion, but I won’t go against the people doing it by running them down. It’s murder — no two ways about it. There is a statistic that over one-third of my generation is dead because of abortion. Less than one percent of that came from rape. My views on it should be clear from that . . . I could have had a best friend that I didn’t because someone wasn’t willing to give the child up for adoption or something rather than kill the baby.

This is not even a fraction of my whole testimony, but I pray it does help someone. To all who read this — God bless, and you’re not alone. As for my picture, I have not included one because I feel my testimony is for everyone to maybe see some of their own face in this and not mine.

God bless,