Rebecca Kiessling's Writings - Part 1


Rebecca Kiessling's Plan to Shut Down Planned Parenthood:  (May 2, 2009)

1- unionize Planned Parenthood,
2- impose stringent green standards on all Planned Parenthood clinics,
3- allow trial lawyers to bring billion dollar medical malpractice suits against Planned Parenthood,
4- grant Planned Parenthood high interest mortgages that it can't afford to pay,
5- give the federal government a 40% share of Planned Parenthood,
6- get Obama to fire Planned Parenthood's strongest leaders,
7- force Planned Parenthood to hire crossdressers as pregnancy counselors,
8- give unions a 35% share of Planned Parenthood,
9-  make Joe Biden the honorary spokesman for Planned Parenthood, and most importantly,
10-  tell people the truth about Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood will be in bankruptcy before you know it!  It's been proven to work.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we actually helped to form a UAW (United Abortion Workers)?  When the abortion workers strike, they would then be the ones picketing the clinics! They'd harass and call others "scabs" for crossing their picket lines.  If there were any arrest of abortion clinic picketers, the judges would side with them, of course, because they're "union."


Below you will find my adoption poetry and a letter from my birthmother, along with my essay, "The Centrality of Adoption for Christians."

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 I wrote these poems at 18 during my first semester of college, just after I was told I'd never be able to meet my birthmother because of Michigan's laws at the time, but prior to learning that I was conceived in rape.  

The second poem is a reply to the first.
-- Rebecca